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Senior Art Show photos sold/for sale

Dew Reflection Libation Instruments Leaf Carpet Berry-Ornaments.jpg

The above three four photos were purchased during the month that my Northfield photography exhibit (Near-Far Northfield) was on display at the Northfield Senior Center Gallery.

All but one of the others are still for sale, $35 each. They’re mounted using the 3/4 inch peel/stick mounting boards from MountingBoards.com. Contact me if you’re interested.

Here’s a photo of one of them in the glass case at the show:

photo on a mounting board

And if you’d like any of these photos in a larger size or a different frame, let me know.

The others:

Dinner Reflections Fountain Bubbles Ice Bulbs Ice Chimes

Leaf Ornaments  Plaza Coneflower Campus Burs BS Flower

Prairie Vine Autumn Buzz