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Waterford Iron Bridge, fall, 2011

In September of 2011, Waterford Township Supervisor Liz Messner and Bridgewater Township Clerk Janalee Cooper teamed up to nominate the Waterford Iron Bridge for a portion of $1 million from Partners in Preservation.

I took many photos of the bridge over several days to help with the promotional voting on Facebook (they won) and one of the photos (not included here) is in my Northfield Senior Center show next week.  Here are a few more of my favorites:

DSC02932 DSC02341 DSC02868

DSC00581 DSC00598 DSC02913

DSC02958 DSC02311 DSC03080

Ice sculptures on the Cannon, March, 2011

In late March of 2011, the below-freezing temps and receding high water on the Cannon River created some interesting ice formations.  I took dozens of photos, two of which (not included here) are in my Northfield Senior Center show next week.

Here are some others, taken above the Ames Mill Dam, and…

DSC02630 DSC02561 DSC02613 DSC02674

north of the 2nd St. bridge, and…

DSC02739 DSC02855 DSC02747 DSC02750

across from the Archibald Mill in Dundas:

DSC03092 DSC03114 ice sculpture Archibald Mill DSC03097