Griff WigleyIn December 2012, I had a photo in the Northfield Senior Center’s Third Annual Senior Open about the same time I was accepted for an 2013 exhibit in the Northfield Senior Center Gallery.

Despite having taken thousands of photos of Northfield-related events and scenes since 2003 (see the albums in the Locally Grown Picasaweb Northfield photo gallery), the thought of calling myself an artist or even an amateur photographer seemed more than a little strange at the time. It’s a hobby, I told myself.

Being part of that first show was a fun social experience.  But preparing for a month-long exhibit (Sept, 2013) of a dozen photos helped to convince me that while photography is not my career, it is more than a hobby. Where it’s taking me, I’ve no clue but I’ll be using this blog site to chronicle whatever happens.

Why just Northfield-area photos? It’s a narrow niche that forces me to look more closely. It’s convenient, since I live here.  And of course, the town is picturesque.

Robbie WigleyMy wife Robbie is a true artist and photography is among her many skills. Her encouragement got me started and has kept me going. She not only has a much better eye but she’s not hesitant to tell me when a photo of mine I really like actually sucks.

It’s good to have a tough critic who I can trust and sleep with, too.