Jennifer Wolcott’s musical instrument sculpture at the Contented Cow

DSC02551 DSC02556 Jennifer Wolcott at the Cow

While having a beer with some friends at the Contented Cow during this year’s Vintage Band Festival, I happened to notice the musical instrument sculpture mounted on the deck overlooking the outdoor patio. After snapping some photos of it, I returned to my table, only to discover that the sculptor, Jennifer Wolcott, was at the adjacent table. And when I got home and looked at the photos, I noticed that she was just barely visible in some of the macro shots like the one on the right above. (I messed with the other two photos above because the originals were crappy, ie, didn’t have enough resolution to show the sculpture.)

Where did she get the parts for the sculpture? Jennifer wrote: “The pieces came from Norman Butler and Diane Burry [proprietors of the Cow]. It’s a reconstruction from the pieces of the one that stood on Main [Division] Street.” She sent me these photos:

bells_2 line-up 3 the base baroque pipes detail tuba parts

These photos are from the series I took that day:

DSC02561 DSC02558 DSC02569 DSC02574

Not included is one that’s in my Northfield Senior Center show next week.

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  1. Before becoming a piece of art at the Cow, I believe the last time I saw these horns was at the art studio of the late-great Dean Warnholtz, Jennifer Wolcott’s father…

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