Downtown Northfield in winter, Bridge Square and Division St

I took these photos last February.  Last week, the Downtown Northfield Facebook page used one of them when they changed their cover photo and I commented. Then my wife Robbie posted one of them on her Facebook timeline.

I’ve not made an effort to sell them but if anyone would like a free high-res version of one to print for personal/non-commercial use, contact me. I’ll suggest that you make a donation to your favorite Northfield non-profit or educational organization.

Senior Art Show photos sold/for sale

Dew Reflection Libation Instruments Leaf Carpet Berry-Ornaments.jpg

The above three four photos were purchased during the month that my Northfield photography exhibit (Near-Far Northfield) was on display at the Northfield Senior Center Gallery.

All but one of the others are still for sale, $35 each. They’re mounted using the 3/4 inch peel/stick mounting boards from Contact me if you’re interested.

Here’s a photo of one of them in the glass case at the show:

photo on a mounting board

And if you’d like any of these photos in a larger size or a different frame, let me know.

The others:

Dinner Reflections Fountain Bubbles Ice Bulbs Ice Chimes

Leaf Ornaments  Plaza Coneflower Campus Burs BS Flower

Prairie Vine Autumn Buzz

Northfield Senior Center Art Show reception: saaaweeet

Griff Wigley, Northfield Senior Center Art Show. Photo by Patsy Dew Northfield Senior Center Art Show. Photo by Patsy Dew Joyce Francis, Northfield Senior Center Art Show. Photo by Patsy Dew Northfield Senior Center Art Show. Works by Joyce Francis and Griff Wigley

I’m really pleased with how Monday’s reception went for my Northfield photography exhibit (Near-Far Northfield) at the Northfield Senior Center Gallery.  A couple dozen people came over the course of the two hours, keeping me chatting the whole time while fellow artist Joyce Francis engaged visitors with her gel plate demo. The refreshments (including wine) and food provided by the NSC were a nice touch. And I sold two pieces.

Senior Center Assistant Director Patsy Dew and her crew of volunteers had to come up with a creative solution when they discovered that my photos couldn’t be hung using their gallery wires. (I used 3/4 inch peel/stick mounting boards from So instead, they put each photo on a small frame holder and placed them all in three glass cases. Brilliant.

Props to my sweetie, Robbie Wigley, who helped me throughout the preparation for this show, including the delicate task of mounting and trimming the photos.

The exhibit runs through Oct. 13.

Waterford Iron Bridge, fall, 2011

In September of 2011, Waterford Township Supervisor Liz Messner and Bridgewater Township Clerk Janalee Cooper teamed up to nominate the Waterford Iron Bridge for a portion of $1 million from Partners in Preservation.

I took many photos of the bridge over several days to help with the promotional voting on Facebook (they won) and one of the photos (not included here) is in my Northfield Senior Center show next week.  Here are a few more of my favorites:

DSC02932 DSC02341 DSC02868

DSC00581 DSC00598 DSC02913

DSC02958 DSC02311 DSC03080

Ice sculptures on the Cannon, March, 2011

In late March of 2011, the below-freezing temps and receding high water on the Cannon River created some interesting ice formations.  I took dozens of photos, two of which (not included here) are in my Northfield Senior Center show next week.

Here are some others, taken above the Ames Mill Dam, and…

DSC02630 DSC02561 DSC02613 DSC02674

north of the 2nd St. bridge, and…

DSC02739 DSC02855 DSC02747 DSC02750

across from the Archibald Mill in Dundas:

DSC03092 DSC03114 ice sculpture Archibald Mill DSC03097

Jennifer Wolcott’s musical instrument sculpture at the Contented Cow

DSC02551 DSC02556 Jennifer Wolcott at the Cow

While having a beer with some friends at the Contented Cow during this year’s Vintage Band Festival, I happened to notice the musical instrument sculpture mounted on the deck overlooking the outdoor patio. After snapping some photos of it, I returned to my table, only to discover that the sculptor, Jennifer Wolcott, was at the adjacent table. And when I got home and looked at the photos, I noticed that she was just barely visible in some of the macro shots like the one on the right above. (I messed with the other two photos above because the originals were crappy, ie, didn’t have enough resolution to show the sculpture.)

Where did she get the parts for the sculpture? Jennifer wrote: “The pieces came from Norman Butler and Diane Burry [proprietors of the Cow]. It’s a reconstruction from the pieces of the one that stood on Main [Division] Street.” She sent me these photos:

bells_2 line-up 3 the base baroque pipes detail tuba parts

These photos are from the series I took that day:

DSC02561 DSC02558 DSC02569 DSC02574

Not included is one that’s in my Northfield Senior Center show next week.